Existence is Resistance

Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition is a loosely based coalition of Native American Organizations and individuals, Churches, groups and others, who support Native American and Indigenous treaty and human rights, as well as racial issues on a local and national level.

As a step toward honoring the truth and achieving healing and reconciliation with those indigenous peoples who were affected most by the Doctrine of Discovery and broken treaties, we acknowledge the traditional Shawnee and Myaamia lands on which we now stand, and on which the city of Cincinnati was built.

Mission Statement

Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition exists to preserve and represent the culture and heritage of Native American, Indigenous, and First Nations people; to provide education, advocacy, and support on contemporary Indigenous issues and cultivate knowledge about Native American history in local and regional communities.

Oceti Sakowin Camp - Standing Rock, South Dakota 2016

Oceti Sakowin Camp - Standing Rock, South Dakota 2016

The Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition was formed in the Fall of 2014 in response to the Cincinnati Human Relations Board's proposal regarding changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day. In 2016 we responded in solidarity to the Standing Rock Movement, coordinating support from the Cincinnati area. Since then we have responded to Native organizers' call to action from Washington DC to Flint, Michigan. In 2018 we began working with #WordsMatter organizers regarding the mascot at Anderson High School in Anderson Township, Ohio. In October 2018 we celebrated the passing of the resolution to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day.
Presently we are investing our energies with a focus on education. We believe that only through education can we dispel the myths and stereotypes surrounding Native American people and culture. Please continue to keep an eye on our resources page as we will be expanding it to include curriculum, books, movies recommended from a Native lens.