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Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition is a loosely based coalition of Native American Organizations and individuals, Churches, groups and others, who support Native American and Indigenous treaty and human rights, as well as racial issues on a local and national level.

As a step toward honoring the truth and achieving healing and reconciliation with those indigenous peoples who were affected most by the Doctrine of Discovery and broken treaties, we acknowledge the traditional Shawnee and Myaamia lands on which we now stand, and on which the city of Cincinnati was built.

World Peace Prayer Day Feather Dove

”All Nations, All faiths, One Prayer”
June 18-21, 2019


In 1996, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle, began conducting annual World Peace and Prayer Day (WPPD) ceremonies to encourage people of all faiths and all nations to offer prayers for the planet on the summer solstice, June 21st. Across cultures, the solstice is considered a powerful time to pray, especially at sacred sites. For the past 23 years, WPPD has been held at sites across the US and around the world. This year, the gathering comes to Ohio to honor the sites sacred to the Indigenous Peoples of this region.

The 24th annual multicultural honoring of sacred sites will be held at Fort Ancient in Lebanon, Ohio. Fort Ancient is one of the most extensive earthworks sites in the country and has been described as "one of the most extensive, if not the most extensive, the entire West", Fort Ancient has been nominated for potential submission by the United States to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and has been used for many centuries by Indigenous People as a place to gather together for the spiritual ceremony.

Chief Looking Horse leads this annual commemoration to emphasize significant Indigenous sites in Ohio and to inspire youth. Educators, artists, faith-based and civic leaders, and all concerned with the health of our environment will have opportunities to learn during this event. “We all rely on the spirit of Mother Earth, of her waters and lands, along with all living beings, many who are in a place great urgency, because all things are connected,” writes Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

This event is being hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition, and Miami Council of Native Americans. 


Schedule of events

Tuesday, June 18: Who We Are
The Ceremonial fire is lit and all attending spiritual and organizational leaders will identify themselves. They will share stories of what challenges they are facing and what their groups are doing to create a better world.

Wednesday, June 19: Our Cultural Richness
This will be a time for all those who have come to share their cultural traditions, showing the beautiful diversity of our human tapestry.

Thursday, June 20: Our Prophecies
Elders from Indigenous cultures and faith traditions share prophecies relevant to our times.

Friday, June 21: Honoring the Sacred in Prayer
All attendees will gather as one to lift prayers of justice, healing, and love. After this fire runners will set off for Cincinnati with the event culminating in fire and water ceremonies in Cincinnati.

Dress Code

Respectful dress is expected. This is a multicultural event.


Only primitive camping is permitted at Fort Ancient. Any campfires must be in a solid bottom container which is elevated at least 6 inches above the ground. Camping sites are provided with a suggested donation of $5 per night, per person or $20 for 4 days per person.
Find a Local Campground Near Fort Ancient 


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